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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Folded Tee

** Accessories ARE included!!

Code: C129
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> M
Colours: Red, Yellow, Violet, Black
Remarks: Heart-shaped necklace included!
Price: RM36 RM32.4
Status: Red [Sold], Yellow [SOLD], Violet [SOLD], Black [SOLD]

Rainbow Spag

Code: C128
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> XL
Colours: Grey, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Black
Remarks: Brooch is detachable =)
Price: RM29 RM26.1
Status: Grey[SOLD], Yellow[SOLD], Purple [SOLD], Pink [SOLD], Black[Available ]

Miss Gorgeous

Adjustable Strap

Code: C126
Material: Quality Lycra
Fits XS -> M
Colours: Blue, Black, Yellow
Price: RM43 RM38.7
Status: Blue[SOLD], Black [Reserved], Yellow[SOLD]

Lovely Tube

Tube tops are everyone's favourite. I believe many of you have all kinds of tube tops.
The tube top below may look sorta like the basic ones,
It's special at the waist area, with the smocked details.

** Accessories are included!!

Code: C125
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> M
Colours: Pink , Yellow, Violet,White
Remarks: Smocked waist, Diamond necklace included!
Price: RM36 RM32.4
Status: Yellow [Sold], Violet [SOLD] , White [Available], Pink [Sold]

Groove It

groove your night in this sexy piece.

Or pair it with a leggings :)
No regrets having it! Totally a MUST-HAVE item in your closet!

** Necklace NOT included!

Code: C123
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> L
Colours: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow
Remarks: Butterfly Sleeves to cover up your flaws =)
Price: RM45 RM40.5
Status: Red[Sold], Black[Available ], Blue[Sold], Yellow[Available ]