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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Simple Is Great!

a good start of the day with a simple yet striking tee =)

A 'zara-like' basic tee. Simple & Comfortable.
Double LOVE it!!

Code : C122
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> M
Colours: Blue, Black, White
Price: RM30 RM22
Status: Blue[SOLD], Black[Available ], White [SOLD]

Christmas Wonder ~

Code: C116
Material: Knitted
Fits XS -> L
Colours: Blue, Red, Purple
Price: RM50 RM40
Status: Blue [SOLD] , Red [Available], Purple [ SOLD]

Sweetie Pie

from Off Shoulder
to a Toga
lastly, a Tube Top =)
3ways of wearing it with just a simple & light satin.
Multi-task not? Hell yeah!

Even with a High Waisted Skirt too =)

** All accessories are NOT included!

Code: C113
Material: Satin
Fits XS -> L
Colours: Black, White, Blue, Violet, Green
Remarks: Smock Top
Price: RM38 RM31
Status: Black [Sold], White [SOLD], Blue [SOLD], Violet [Sold], Green [Sold]

Miss Princess

Code: C110
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> M
Price: RM35 RM28
Status: Available

Dolly Checkered Tube Dress

Code: C1o5
Material: Thick Cotton
Colour: Checkered Black, Checkered Brown
Remarks: Unique bustline, Back zipper, Light pleats front & back
Size: S (fits UK 6)
Price: RM58 RM46
Status: Checkered Black - S [Sold], M [Sold]
Checkered Brown - S [SOLD], M [Sold]

Leopard Printed Dress

Code: C1o6
Material: Chiffon + Stretchable Cotton
Remarks: Very fitting and totally shows the curves of the body =)
Fits XS -> M
Price: RM60 RM48
Status: SOLD

Off-Shoulder Bow Top

Code: C1o7
Material: Cotton
Colour: Black , White , Yellow , Purple
Remarks: Puffy Princess Sleeves
Price: RM35 RM28
Status: Black [Available], White [Sold], Yellow [Sold], Purple [Sold]